the eos process

The EOS Process® is designed to make the tools and disciplines sticky within your organization. It is time-spaced learning that allows you to learn the tools and practice them over time.

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If you decide the process is a fit for you and your organization, we will move forward with a Focus Day®.  During the Focus day, we will take you through a discovery exercise to customize your Accountability Chart of roles and responsibilities.

Then, we will set your first round of Rocks, or 90-day priorities.  From there we will instill a meeting pulse in the business, and identify your key performance indicators with your scorecard.



30-days after Focus Day we go into Vision Building® Day 1. 30-days after that, we will have Vision Building Day 2.  During the Vision Building days we will start building and clarifying your vision.  We will take you through a discovery process to get you and your leadership team 100% on the same page with the answer to the following items:

  • Core Values®

  • Core Focus®

  • 10-Year Target

  • Marketing Strategy

  • 3-Year Picture®

  • 1-Year Plan

  • Rocks

  • Issues List

Then we move into the execution phase and meet once per quarter and for a two-day annual session until you are at least 80% strong in all of the Six key Components of the EOS Model.  During this time we are working on creating team health, executing on your vision, and driving accountability throughout the organization.  The EOS Process is guaranteed.  If you don't get value out of a session day, you simply don't pay.


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